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High SGPT, ALP, Gamma GT in Liver Function Test

I recently did a medical checkup and found abnormal levels of SGPT, ALP, GAMMA GT in Liver Function Test. I'm attaching scanned copy of the test result.

Total Bilirubin: 0.5mg/dl
Direct Bilirubin: 0.06 mg/dl
SGOT: 44 U/L
SGPT: 664U/L
ALP: 525 U/L
Protein Total: 6.6 gm/dl
Albumin: 3.4g/dl
Globumin: 3.2gm/dl
A/G Ratio: 1:0

I'm 29-year old male.

I'm a non-drinker, non-smoker and a vegetarian.

Occasionally, I take paracetamol (not more that 1g a day) for headache.

I'm not diagnosed for any disease.

Should I be worried about this condition? What could have gone wrong?
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I recommend you ask your doctor. We here are not doctors but patients and caregivers of patients to patients suffering with liver problems and are not qualified to diagnose anyone's medical concerns.

Good luck
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