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High level Sgpt of 102 and feeling fatigue.

First week, I had this flu-like symptoms. I had this feeling of fatigue, very poor appetite and feeling nauseated. A week after, appetite went back but still feeling fatigue. I went to my doctor, requested for workups like CBC, urinalysis, Fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, crea, uric acid, sgpt, sgot, hbsag, hav-IgG, hav-IgM. All results were normal except for the slight elevation of my triglyceride and high levels of my sgpt of 102 and sgot of 70+. I was prescribed of Essentiale forte twice a day for a month, Iterax twice a day for my anxiety, and Omeprazole twice a day for my gastric acid formation. It's been 14 days since I started Essentiale forte. I stopped my Iterax but continued my Omeprazole. My concern now is I'm still feeling fatigue but not the same level of fatigue I felt on the first week or two. Occasionally I take my Iterax whenever I'm feeling anxious. Please enlighten me. What would be the cause of my fatigue? I really concerned about this because it affects my daily activities. Please help.

Also, I'm on a strict diet now. Only eating fish, veggies, fruits, chicken without skin, and used olive oil when cooking.
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