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How long does it take to NFLD to become a NASH ?

I have a question that I'm not sure who to ask other than a doctor, but I don't see myself making an appointment, taking someone's place who needs it just to ask that question in these days of COVID. I know there are a few health professionals hanging around, so I'll take my chances. A little background first:

I'am a male, 25, (177cm, 100kg) I was under Sertraline until a month ago. I am someone who is genuinely scared of my body turning against me. Three days ago I came across the Wikipedia page of someone with NASH disease, after reading about this thing I remembered what a radiologist told me two years ago: "you're liver is a little bit fatty".

So my question is: do we have any idea how long it takes from the time you have a slightly fatty liver to the time you're past that stage, when you develop NASH? What are the odds of developing NASH? My lifestyle hasn't changed too much between two years ago and now, I've lost a little weight but that's it (from 107kg to 100kg). Also, I know that when you "just" have a fatty liver, by returning to a healthier lifestyle, it is reversible, is this also the case for NASH? I read everything and its opposite on this subject ><

I'm sure it's a bit silly to post this here, but I've been eating literally only a bowl of rice in the evening for the past three days, I'm sick t
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