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How long is it possible to have liver pain without having an irreversible disease?

I'm new here and I have some questions about my liver that are very important to me at the moment so I will be completely honest.  I'm 25 years old and I'm a binge drinker.  It's to the point where I acknowledge I'm an alcoholic and stopped drinking exactly one week ago.  Part of the reason I quit is because I had liver pains after my last binge.  The part that worries me is that I still have liver pains now, as I write this one week after quitting.  I feel the pain has decreased, but only slightly.  Here are my questions about what I should do:

1.  I bought liver detox supplements, which I've been taking for the last three days.  Someone told me today that isn't a good idea because it makes the liver work harder in order to digest them.  Is it true that this will make matters worse?  Or will it help?

2.  I'm planning on seeing a doctor about this, but I'm wondering how long I can have this liver pain before it's definitely irreversible damage such as fibrosis or cirrhosis?

3.  Is there anything else I can do to help my liver recover?  I've been eating natural foods with no preservatives, avoiding sugar, and exercising.  

I'm very interested to see what the answers are to these questions, so thank you very much in advance for any answers!
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