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How to lower SGPT from 142 to 40~50 in 10 days.

I am 31 year old and have high level of SGPT.
In nov 11 it was 191
in Jan 12 it was 119
On 27 Mar 12 it was 126 after that i start exercise and walk in addition to reduce fat related diet and also lose weight upto 2 kg in one week.
then did my test yesterday (04 APR 12 and it raises to 142)..i am astonished Why it raised?
I have to under go a medical examination after 10 days to go abroad....
I am having fatty liver (dignosed through USG)
Please give me quick solution to reduce this level to 40~50 in 10 days........
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There maybe no quick solution your liver may be damaged do you use alcohol if so you may need to stop no drugs unless your gastro. or hepatolgest says so.
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i am a muslim and dont use alcohal also no smoking nothing.
use very minor fat since last 5 months
60% fatty liver dignosed in ultrasound
hepitatus B & C both negative.
i dont understand what is happening inside.........
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The only way to find out is to see a liver doc. after tests they can find out whats happing thats the only way to no for sure.  
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I am diagnosed with Fatty liver too. I am strict vegetarian. I have taken lots of healthy steps to control my Fatty liver issue and elevated GGT. But nothing is working. I am taking Fish oil, Vit E. doing exercise, eating more healthy food. I reduced in weight. But no change to my GGT. May be it could work for you. So try Fish oil and Vitamin E 400-800mg.
Good luck.
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by the grace of god, i am able to reduce my sgpt below 55 from 139 in 10 days

I have stopped exercise, stopped utilizing any fatty items, stop milk & yougart, stopped sugar

used vitamen C contained fruits daily
max utilization of lemon, orange, gava, apple, salad
use around 8 liters of water daily
using seliver tablets 1+1,
01 spoon of Hepa Merz serup. 1+1+1
Kalongi oil 6 to 7 drops in black tea three times a day
use imli & allobukhara water early morning

Hope this could work if someone use this regularly.
Good Luck
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Can you please provide more detail, mine is also high but my liver is not fatty, Can you please advise me. Please share your email address. Also please provide detail of doctor.
Mine is also similar to you. Have you got any solution? Please let me know.  
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MashaALLAH...ALLAH apko mazeed sehat day...i have SGPT 52 3 weeks back...i changed my diet a bit and now it has gone up to 61. i need to get tested for saudia.....please help. can we talk? my number is 00923222224296
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My self is 31 Years old and Taking Telmisatan 20Mg, 2 Days back my blood reports are shown SGPT is 79, and I getting Back pain since couple of days .Pleas advise me how to reduse it and I am fatty person with weight 94.
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how to reduce sgpt levels??
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10 days is too short and you should not expect this. my alt was 101 and ast was 51. after 2 months of diet and exercising they went to 37 and 33.
i have fatty liver.
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MY SGPT level is 124 nad have to reduce it to min 70 can some body help me  and let me know what i should eat and what i should avoid plus also suggest any tablets. for job in KSA i   have to bring my SGPT Level at min 70 please help
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i had sgpt around 180 2 years ago and it normalized after 6 months.
it increases if i gain weight or do not exercise. you should do the followings:

1-low carbon and fat food
2-execise every day at least 30 minutes.
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on 20 Sept2015 , test found my ALT(SGPT) level 92 in place of 40-the normal  range. Physicain prescribed be 1+0+1 tablets for 2 months to heal my problems. Now taking the medicine for last 3 weeks . Let see what happen
Which tablet prescribed you sir by doctor
Can you please provide tablet name please. Since I am having SGPT level 176. If you provide the details it will be helpful.
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Salaam. I have (sgpt) ALT 138. I have been working on it to reduce the level but unsuccessful. I would appreciate if someone can help me suggesting some doctor or medicine,. I am from Lahore, Pakistan.
Ashan Anwar.
Hello.ramram I'm from India my tests showed shot and sgpt as 260 and 399 resp. I started walking and exercising quit drinking and smoking and stop taking fatty foods and non-veg for 1 month my levels dropped to 90 and 118.also at the night only eat egg White and vegetable juice(carrot pineapple orange Amla and red turnip) drastic results will show within 10 days
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Hello Sir, I have done liver test yesterday, My SGPT is 62 and SGOT was 33, from last2 motnhs , I was not doing any excercise ,was eating non veg, spicy foods etc., Now I am doing my certificates attestation, How amnys still it will take to get degree attesttaion, so that I can lower my SGPT. I heard that normal SGPT range is 65 as per saudi rules, Is it true, please guide me
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I had SGPT value of 120 and within 10 days I had to undergo visa medicals for kuwait. I had lost all hopes. Had been diagnosed with fatty liver. Doctor prescribed Ursocol 300mg tablets along with Vitamin E 400gms tablets twice daily. 4 cups of green tea daily along with avoiding oily food and brisk walking for 30mins along with mixture of apple carrot beetroot amla juice everyday. The values came down to 60 in 10 days and I passed the visa medicals. Hurray!
Hi mam my problem sgpt 130 next month go to Kuwait again iam medical failed please mam this my number 7799196900 give me doctor address
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Hi mam I Kumar Gaurav from mumbai, I also facing same problem. My **** is 64 and sgpt is 133 what will i do , I got a job in USA .....my Medical as after 12 day what will i do....now please help .. please 7738950427
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