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I think i have Liver failure/poison/disease

i think ive got liver failure due to alcohol, im not an alcoholic but drink 2-3 a day heavily, since yesterday for the past 4 days ive drank alot of vodka and ive got some of the syptoms such as loss of appetite, slight itching and slight pain, i dont know what to do do you think i might have a liver problem or am i overreacting????
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If, as you say, you are not an alcoholic - then simply quit drinking altogether....at least for a reasonable period of time.  Suggestion:  do not drink a drop of alcohol for perhaps a couple of weeks - and then see if you notice any positive changes...improvements.  IF you are still having symptoms then by all means see your doctor -
Best wishes to you ~
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How long has this 2-3 a day been going on for? If this has been a pattern for you for an extended period of time, yes, you could have liver damage to some degree. You would need to get this checked by dr. right away. Get liver enzymes tests done, AST, ALT, and GGT. This shows a clue about how your liver is and if there is damage these numbers can be elevated beyond healthy levels.

The dr may want to do an ultrasound to see if there is any liver enlargement or lesions, signs of fatty liver or gallstones. Gallstones can be asymptomatic for many years, without symptoms.

Very good idea to quit drinking regardless, alcoholism comes in many forms and varying degrees. One builds a dependence over many years even consumed in small amounts, so one does have to be drunk all the time to be an alcoholic. Everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, so 2-3 for you just may be too many, especially if there are other underlying conditions that cause your liver to become damaged more quickly than someone else.   Genetics, obesity, diet...even excess iron causing iron overload damages the liver (iron loads first onto liver...body storing excess iron causes cirrhosis much sooner by adding alcohol to the problem.)

It is very important to be as honest as you can with your dr about your alcohol intake, amount of time you have been drinking this way, and any others health concerns/symptoms. They can't help you properly if you begin by not being honest.

Take care and best wishes as you make the needed lifestyle changes to better health. Discovering or analyzing the reason you are drinking, if it emotional, psychological, or habitual may also be a good basis in which to begin making those changes.
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