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Im scared I have liver Cirrhosis

Im wondering if someone could help me im a 27 year old male who over the last 5-6 years has drank more than the recommended amount maybe if to average it out 4 bottles of wine a week some weeks maybe a little more. I had been feeling very fatigued (some weeks im fine it comes and go’s) and generally unwell just not a 100% but not so bad as I cant be at work also have had dull pain and discomfort in my right up right upper abdomen (over the last 18 months but it comes and go’s as well goes completely if ive been drinking. Ive had two blood tests which showed elevated GGT at 103 and either my ALT or AST was 65 cant remember which is was but the other one is normal. I went for an ultrasound and got my results yesterday. I have fatty liver and a 14mm Kidney stone in my right Kindey. The kidney stone im not bothered much about as easily treated. But as for my liver im scared in case they have miss diagnosed it as fatty liver when it’s Cirrhosis. Im so scared he assures me its not but can doctors get this sort of thing wrong or miss things on ultrasounds? Im not over weight but don’t have not had the healthiest of diets hence my Cholesteral been slightly high at 5.9. Please can someone give me some advice as the anxiety and worry is starting to affect my day to day life. If its fatty liver that’s fine I can deal with that by not drinking for 12 months but if its scarred already and Cirrhosis I need to know.
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I think Cirrhosis looks much different than fatty liver deposits on an ultrasound based on what I've read. Have you been referred to a gastro or was the gastro the one who ordered the ultrasound? Either way, I have heard that Cirrhosis is pretty obvious on an ultrasound.
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