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Inflammed liver (Elevated GGT) became very unwell last night. Advice?

Hi, I am a 36yo male who is looking for a bit of advice.  My liver is inflamed and has been for some time, the last 3 L.F.T. results have showed rapid increase in G.G.T. levels and I am seeing my Doctor tomorrow (Public Holiday today) to get the result of the 4th L.F.T.  The Doc said if the 4th L.F.T. is any worse he is referring me to a Liver disease specialist.

Last night after cooking dinner I got a huge dizzy spell and went blind for 1-2 seconds and at 2am while I was trying to sleep in my air conditioned bedroom (AC set to 20 Degrees C) I suddenly felt as if the room went up to over 50 Degrees C and immediately began to sweat profusely and felt like my heart was going to explode and I had difficulty breathing.  This only lasted about 15-20 seconds but it was quite frightening.  I got up and chugged a glass of lemonade and went back to bed.  The episode repeated itself at 4:30am and I got up and had a drink again.

I will be discussing these weird symptoms tomorrow with my doctor, but I am looking for advice on if this issue could be related to my liver issues or could it be something else.

I am a smoker for 24 Years (since 12yo) and have been trying to quit for the last 3-4 years.
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I forgot to add I am being treated for Hypertension  with Atenolol but I checked my blood pressure a couple of days ago and it is around normal (125 / 75).
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