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i have my blood check up!in that i have total billirubin level 1.40mg/dl.and my SGPT is 432.should i eat everything now?or still i have to take care?
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My bilirubin is sometimes 1.2 and last year one time was1.3 and my doctor tod me that even 1.3 is still close enough to be considered normal. He said they generally don't get concerned unti they see a 1.6 or higher, for some people 1.3 or 1.4 can be normal remember,what's normal is just a bell curve average
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I have faty liver
My billrubin total 1.2
Billrubin. Darect. 0.80
Sgpt. Alt.                 72
Phosphate.           165.
Please guide my.
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With a total bilirubin of 1.4 I'm surprised that you're jaundiced. Generally 1.4 is not elevated enough to show jaundice. Typically jaundice is seen in patients with a 2 MG/dl or higher total serum bilirubin.

Your ALT is certainly elevated enough to warrant further investigation.
There is something injuring your liver and further testing is necessary to diagnose your condition.

Frequently doctors will order viral hepatitis tests to rule out Hep A, B, C etc.
Aside from viral hepatitis there are many other liver disorders to consider. You should be seen by either a hepatologist (liver specialist) or a gastroenterologist (digestive disease specialist).

Until you get diagnosed it would be smart to not abuse alcohol and to try and eat a sensible diet.

Good luck,
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  Hmmm, It's hard to say, from lack of imfo,in your post.  I thinkit is always important, with Hep C, to eat healthy,and avoid processed food, which may have pesticides, etc.
   No matter how healthy you eat, if your liver is inflamed from Hep C, then you will most likely need to treat your Hep C,  have you tried yet?
   Many people do say to avoid red meat, although I didn't have a problem much with it, when my liver enzymes were high, like yours. But I did worry about not getting constipated, so I ate alot of vegatables.
   Have you any symptoms like swelling in your lower legs or abdomen?
I began to get these purple and red veins in my legs, and then I had a biopsy of my liver,  so I could see what my liver looked like, the condition and level of the scarring. I would recommend that you do the same, so you know what Stage you are in~  Good luck
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