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Liver Blood Work

I'm a 59 y/o female that recently had some liver blood work done. My GGT, AST, and ALT were all elevated. GGT was 55, AST 39 and ALT 43. Albumin, bilrubin, and ALP came back normal. What can I infer from this? I am a frequent drinker and I assume I will need to cut down or be sober for a while until my results come back normal. Does this mean my liver is already damaged? I go to my PCM this Thursday but was worried so figured I should ask here. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also my BP has been high recently even under meds, could it be because of the possible liver inflammation or the enzymes that were released in my blood?
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Hi there, I am so sorry to just be seeing this. How did your appointment go? You levels are slightly elevated. I hope you got some answers.  Let us know how you are doing, Dee
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