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Liver Enlargement

Recently underwent a CT for possible aneurysm in aortic root.  That was ok, however it showed that I have  mild hepatomegaly.  My CBC and CMP were normal.  A previous ultra sound of the abdomen 2 months earlier revealed a normal liver.  Family doctor says she thinks the CT was overread, but wants me to have hep testing.  I am a 73 year old female, who has never drinked or smoked.  I am not overweight, am not diabetic.  The liver measured 18cm craniocaudally.  Spleen was normal size.  Family doctor did not seem concerned but said to follow up with GI doctor. However, I am concerned.  Any advice appreciated.
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18 cm is very marginal from a enlarged limit standpoint, for women. I wouldn't be concerned at all. If you had a fatty, inflammed liver, then the US would have picked it up. But they deemed you normal. The only other way for your liver to be enlarged would be some form of portal hypertension, but your spleen is of normal size. So I think your likely to be ok. But we are not doctors, so be sure you followup with your primary doctor to be sure all is well.
Thank you so much for your reply.
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