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Liver Functin Tests, CBC Tests

Went to Dr's and my GI specialist (I don't see again for a month), and was wondering if anyone else out there has had similar results?

Low     Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Level 100 IU/L Range: 120-260 IU/L

HIGH     Bilirubin Total 3.2 mg/dL Range: 0.0-1.6 mg/dL
Normal     Bilirubin Direct   0.3 mg/dL

HIGH     ALT/SGPT 113 IU/L Range: 10-63 IU/L
AST & ALP were normal
Protein and Albumin were normal

HIGH     WBC Count 10.8    Range:4.0-10.0
WBC differentials were all normal.  Monocyte and Neutrophil were on the high end of normal

RBC was all normal

HIGH Reticulocyte Percent 2.6 % Range:0.5-2.5 %
Normal     Reticulocyte Absolute 148.2 B/L      Range:23.0-155.0 B/L

Hepatitis tests all came back negative
mono test came back negative

Ultrasound showed mildly enlarged spleen at 13.47cm
Liver showed fatty liver
No bile duct obstruction or damage noted

I was 252 lbs about 9 weeks ago.  My BMI was a 39.  I have currently have lost 27 lbs since mid April.

A note on my bilirubin:  On 4/23, when I had a routine blood test, my total bilirubin was 1.9.  When I was told I had some issues with my liver, I went into some pretty severe anxiety (could not get out of bed, terrible IBS, could not eat).  After this terrible anxiety, my bilirubin shot up to 3.2 on 5/3, and has not come down yet.  

I am thinking I may have Gilbert's Syndrome with Fatty Liver disease?
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