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Liver ,cholestral measurements make me serious???

Hi Sir/Medam,

My liver function test shows total bilirubin is 0.9 mg ,direct bilurubin is 0.6,SGPT is 46 mg....rest of all are noraml....
and In Lipid Profile Test, LDL Cholestral is 130 and triglycerides are 122.... Rest of all are noraml..

I am occasionally drinking alchohol
is there any serious condition to me...

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Your LDL level is borderline by high but this isn't alarming. Usually some dietary modifications will help you get this lowered. But what is more important is your LDL/HDL ratio, which should be around 3.5 or less for optimal conditions.

Your liver enzyme is normal wrt most lab reports, but it needs to be referenced against the min/max that your particular lab uses, typically listed in your report as well. But your doctor may want to do some additional follow-up blood work since your direct Bilirubin is slightly elevated. Fortunately your total Bilirubin is normal, but the slight elevation in the direct Bilirubin maybe a sign of some mild bile flow impedance, such as a small gallstone, etc. Your doctor will need to help you with this as we are not doctors here and cannot diagnose.

Take care.
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The list of values are all in the normal levels. I dont see any specfic condition according to your specified values.
Thank You
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Means now  i am in safe condition or not???
Because i am worried abt LDL Levels in chloestral test and 46 in SGPT of liver function test
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