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Liver cyst and diarrhea?

I have a 5mm Liver cyst, does not say what it contains inside.blood work has come back wnnl with exception of a few points, nothing to worry about. Have swollen lymph nodes in abdomen , chest area, arm and elbow.
I have been living with irritable bowel syndrome for about 5 yrs now, and has gotten worse over the past few yrs... is there any correlation between the two?I also have a mild fatty liver, strange because I am not a drinker, haven't drank in over 15 yrs. not a fried food eater. MY MAIN QUESTION RIGHT NOW IS -IS THERE ANY CORRELATION BETWEEN THE DIARRHEA AND THE LIVER CYST?
common bile duct is 9mm diameter, a tad bit big for some reason, i have no gallbladder.I have lymph nodes in the bilateral hilar regions and the pretracheal mediastinum that measure up to 9-10 mm that are questionable. WE ARE DOING WORK UPS FOR CANCER.
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