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Liver problem,jaundice happened for 2 times.Sgpt is too high .plz help

hello! i am 20 years old i had jaundice 2 years before.after 1 month i got well.
But after 2 years agai i have got jaundice. so thats why my doctor gave me some test.
i did these test nd in that test my ALT(sgpt) is 1481u/l and Bilirubin 3.3mg/dL.
sonow i am so afraid for my Alt(sgpt) result. so plz guyz tell me that is my Sgpt levels have increased for jaundice or any kind of liver problem? And will my sgpt level will become normal if jaundice go out? remember that i have got jaundice for 2 times.so is my liver have any kind of serious problem? nd if jaundice go out then do i have any risk for my liver?and if jaundice go away then does it have any posasibility to come jaundice again in my body? can jaundice occur many times for a personb?
plz help me.i am too afraid.
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Did your doctors ever give you a diagnosis for your previous problems? Seems that you had some form of hepatitis, but the exact cause could be any number of things. You shouldn't be afraid but you do need to work with your doctors in resolving, and then treating, whatever it is that is cause your liver stress. And we can certainly help you in understanding the issues further, but we will need more information that you doctor will hopefully provide you very soon. Take care.
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