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Meal ideas & Supplements for fatty liver?

My husband was just diagnosed with fatty liver. We were surprised because he is young and thin/athletic. The dr said that it’s not too bad yet and that he can reverse it with eating healthy. But all he said was to eat a low fat diet and not much else. Does anyone know some recipes or ideas for food he can eat? He already eats eggs, spinach, and mushroom for breakfast and sometimes oatmeal with almond milk and fruit. I heard that sugar is also bad for fatty liver but does that include fruit? We started eating mainly chicken and turkey meat and my husband doesn’t like fish except for tilapia. He doesn’t eat much bread to begin with but we switched the whole wheat. And we started eating more vegetables and with dinner and also eating quinoa. He usually drinks plain almond milk and we also switched to low fat yogurt. I was also wondering about supplements that he could take. I heard milk thistle and dandelion help with fatty liver but I don’t know if that is accurate? We are currently looking for a dietitian but in our small town we only have one and my husband says he’s not very helpful. Any help would be great! Thank you.
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I also forgot to mention that I started using avocado oil for cooking, tumeric, garlic, and ginger for seasoning.
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