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Mildly Enlarged Liver and Spleen

I have got my regular blood test done in Dec 14 and my LFT were abnormal.

AST 64
ALT 122

GGTP 30 Normal
ALP 227 High
Albumin 4.67 Normal

Bilirubin Total 1.09 Normal
Bilirubin Direct 0.23 Slightly High
Bilirubin Indirect 0.86 Normal


Cholesterol Total 189 Normal
Triglycerides 141 Normal
HDL 42 Normal
LDL 118.80 Above optimal
VLDL 28.2 Normal

HEP B & C negative

Then i got my Ultrasound reports

liver - mildly enlarged appx 16cms - & homogeneously echogenic s/o fatty infiltration. Intrahepatic biliary radicals are not dilated. No Focal area of alterated echo texture/sol/cyst or abscess noted.
GB - All Normal
Pancreas - All normal
Spleen - Mildly enlarged in size app 13cms - Normal in shape & Echotexture.No focal area of altered echo texture seen. Splenic vein is normal in caliber.no splenic vein collaterals noted at hilum.

Kidneys - All normal
U bladder- All normal
Prostate - All normal
No free fluid seen in abdomen & Pelvis
No Enlarged para-aortic /parailaic lymph nodes seen
No Pl.effusion see IMP- Fatty liver & Mild Splenomegaly

No after all this i am super scared .Do i have chronic condition or is it something i can change with Diet & Exercise ?
Do i have NASH or Just Fatty Liver?
Mild liver Enlarged and Liver Inflammation is that same thing?

I don't know what to do next coz It bothering me non stop and I am going Crazy.????
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Mild liver Enlarged and Liver Inflammation is that same thing?

No Hepatomegaly is the condition of having an enlarged liver. Enlarged simply means larger than normal.

Liver inflammation is a reaction that occurs when liver cells are attacked by a disease-causing microbe or substance. When something harmful or irritating affects a part of our body, there is a biological response to try to remove it, the signs and symptoms of inflammation, specifically acute inflammation, show that the body is trying to heal itself.

What you should do next is see your doctor especially the one who ordered your tests. You should ask your doctor how best to treat your medical condition.

My only suggestion is if you drink alcohol, stop, as that can cause liver inflammation. It will help your doctor diagnose what is going on with your liver.

Good luck
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