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My Liver or Diabetes?

I am a little stuck with my dieting.

All my life I have noticed that if I eat a larger than a serving (palm sized meal) I can't lose weight.  I've done all the tests for diabetes several times in life and it seems that I don't have diabetes at all.  (Type 1 or 2).

I can verify that standard sized meals (what most people can eat) will prevent me from losing weight.  That's a mystery.... But...

I recently cam to understand that a taxed liver can cause weight gain if you rush it by eating too much at once.  Maybe it's the flow of nutrients in my blood stream which it can't handle and that tends to lead to fat storage.  I also suffer from what is probably high estrogen levels as I'm a mad who collects allot of fat on his chest.  My father did too and he didn't live very long.

Even though I don't drink (but my father did) and don't smoke and eat healthy, could I have inherited a condition where my liver may function less than optimal?   Can anyone help me understand this?

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Hmm, your liver may be partly responsible for your inability to lose weight, but not likely, unless you have liver disease or any factor which affects liver function.
I would say that estrogen dominance is a more
suspicious and this alone would explain the tendency to
gain weight (and potentially leading to other serious chronic illness).
Avoiding phytoestrogenic foods, plastics, stress, estrogen- loaded contraceptives (if female-your profile states male).
Do follow a diet which includes insoluble fiber, take probiotics daily of the highest quality you can afford,
get a bioidentical progesterone cream and apply daily
(vary the part of the body constantly) and consider getting
liver function testing.

The other possibility would be sluggish thyroid function, but beware the standard thyroid tests only test for serum levels of thyroid hormones and NOT thyroid function.
The recommended tests for thyroid function are Free T3,
Free T4 and Reverse T3. This way thyroid resistance or type 2 hypothyroidism can be ruled out 100%.

I hope this helps.
Best wishes,
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Thanks very much for the reply Niko.   I had my TSH tested but the doctor wouldn't test any more.  It's hard to find someone who will in Australia.  

Is high estrogen levels something which runs in a family (or at least on one side)?   I'm really struggling to get rid of this chest fat.  It's destroying my life.
I've just realized that this could be estrogen dominance.  It's quiet possible that this is where I should be looking.  What do you think?
Male or female?
The information below applies to either gender, nonetheless.
Can you get a natural practitioner to prescribe a bio-identical progesterone cream  for you as a trial? This will help re-balance your estrogen/progesterone ratio
but it might take some time.
Also try the other tips I mentioned.
For self-testing the thyroid ,consider doing Dr. Barnes temperature test.
Just follow the online instructions precisely.
“A healthy resting temperature ranges between 97.8 to 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.6 to 36.8 degrees Celsius.”
So,If your temperature is consistently lower than the range indicated above for at least three days, this may be an indication of  hypothyroidism.
I am male.. Thanks
Hi.. thanks Niko.. I will do that.  A few months ago I had my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone tested (it was 1.8) which is considered optimal.  I realize there's more to it than that but my understanding is that TSH is released in response to the amount of T3 & T4 in my blood stream.   Anyway, as my Testosterone levels are ok and my Incompetent doctor did not test estrogen I'm going to have to find a Naturopath to help me here (as you've mentioned).  I'm in Australia and most people end up having to find a Naturopath for major problems.    The chest fat started 10 years ago after a serious bout of stress which took me some time to get over.  I understand that this can throw things out and cause something like estrogen dominance.  I'm pretty convinced that's what it is.  Was thinking liver but really, now that I think of it, everybody I know should have this problem if it was (given what most people eat and drink).  I don't drink myself.. luckily.
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