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My blood results came back and my ALT is high- i'm really nervous about it?

hey! so i'm sandra. i'm 23 years old.
so like a lot of teenagers, i did a LOT of heavy drinking. no drugs or anything but i'd have 7-8 drinks a few times a week. i'd always wake up hungover and i got alcohol poisoning a few times. i ended up being diagnosed with fatty liver 18 months ago. my doctor said it wasn't too bad and it can be easily reversed by cutting down on alcohol and eating healthier.
i stopped drinking alcohol and ate super healthy for 60 days. it was like a body cleanse. i assumed i was better because my doctor said my liver enzymes in my blood test looked fine.
anyway, i got in a relationship last october with someone who doesn't really drink so i also stopped drinking . i also feel sick every time i taste alcohol now. i probably drink maybe once every 6 weeks now, and just a drink or two. like when people ask me i just say i don't drink. so for the past 11 months, i haven't really drank. i don't smoke. i do take tylenol but not that often. i eat alright. i'd honestly say i thought i was really healthy!

i went to the doctor and got a blood test and my blood results came back surprising to me.
so not only did my ANA panel test positive 1:80 homogenous pattern, but also my ALT levels seem really high! it says it should be 6-29, and mine is 50. my alkaline phosphatase is also too low. it should be 33-115 and mine is 32. there was also traces of protein and bacteria in my urine.

everything else is fine, including my AST and all the other liver stuff.

but when i googled it it pretty much says a high ALT means liver damage.

i made a doctors appointment but that's not for another two months. my birthday is next week and i'm going away with my partner and we planned this trip for months and i wanted to have a few drinks on my birthday. but does this blood result mean i can't drink? does it mean i have liver disease and if i have a drink on my birthday, i'm gonna die?

i'm really scared......
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Don’t have anything sugary, too much carbs, sodas, or alcohol. 50 isn’t too high so just by ALT I wouldn’t be concerned. look into why protein is in your urine and why phosphates is low. Put both in search engine together. Also medications affect liver too. Also being overweight. If you haven’t you should get an abdominal ultrasound to check your liver
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