Few weeks ago I had abdominal pain, I went to the hospital they did CT w/ contrast, abdominal ultra sound & pelvis ultrasound. They found out I had a overian cyst, sledge in my gallbladder & fatty liver disease. The last few days I’ve had a little abdominal pain but one thing I’ve noticed at night my whole body starts itching & I don’t think I have a fever but my forehead does feel warm & I’ve had headaches last two night along with itching. Anyone know what it could be & is it cause for concern? My doctor wants me to come back to take blood test in a month to see if my liver enzymes went down. Eating heathy, exercising & drinking cruciferous vegetables pills.
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Your Fatty liver could be the cause of your itching, anytime there's a problem with the liver it affects the whole body. Liver problems cause itching. just eat right and shed weight if you have some to get rid of.
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Is your bilirubin elevated? If not the itchy feeling is likely not  coming from your fatty liver. The itch that comes from liver disease is due to elevated bilirubin.

Keep with the eating healthy and exercise as this is the only thing that can be done to better fatty liver.
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