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Pain in center back and center left front

I have been having stabbing pains that are in the center of my back and my front right below the rib cage.  Sometimes it is at a level 7 and 8.  

I have been to the ER, after my wife found me crying from the pain, they did a CT which showed my gallbladder slightly enlarged, blood work showed elevated liver. Since they didn't see anything major on the CT or my lab work  I was told it was "gas" or I was coming down with a stomach virus. I was given morphine there and pain pills to take home.  

Needless to say, I am still having these pains
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Thanks for the info.  I will give it a try.  I hate when doctors tell you it is just gas.  

Thanks again
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Have you been tested for HPylori bacteria? Or where you treated with antibiotics prior to this pain starting? Most have the dormant HPylori bactera present in the stomach, when you are taking a regimen of antibiotics, they kill the good bacteria in the stomach,but are not strong enough to kill HPylori, the good bacteria that your body needs for digestion and to keep bad bacteria like HPylori at bay is gone, then Hpylori triggers your acid pumps to go into overtime, and the acid fumes build up air and gas,(Bloat)this bacteria thrives in stomach acid. The acid fumes can burn the esophagus and the lining of the stomach, if you are hungry and eat, it does not take much food to get full, which is one symptom, the burn to the esophagus can be severe enough to trigger a radiating chest pain into the back, sometimes it even feels like a heart attack. A Gastroenterologist has tests for this bacteria, I would have this blood test done, even to rule this out as a cause, because yhe expansion of the air/Gas will cause upper abdominal pain along with esophagus pain. Two things you can try at home, 1, Try taking a 14 day program of Prilosec OTC, if you have a marked improvement, then this may confirm HPylori, because Prilosec shuts down the stomachs acid pumps, and supresses the HPylori bacteria, You should also 2, Go to a local health foods market and purchase a good "Probiotic" Jarrow brand is one of the better brands. Probiotics replace the good bacteria in the stomach, and help digestion, even if you don't have HPylori
If you plan on seeing a Gastro for HPlyori tests, stop taking any acid pump prohibitors for two weeks prior to testing, as Prilosec supresses the bacteria and may show up as a false negative, when you may have this bacteria in a dormant or supressed state. If you are positive, you will be prescribed two powerful Antibiotics and an Acid pump prohibitor of prescription dosage to take for a ten day period, two weeks after the treatment, you will be retested for the bacteria, this treatment is only 85% effective, and some (Like Myself) have to have the treatment again. To releive just air or gas, if the MD is correct, take Simethicone, it breaks up trapped large bubbles of air or gas into smaller particles, and allows either or both to pass, releiving the pressure thay cause, The OTC Brand of Simethicone is GASX, The Chewables seem to work much faster than the tablets. Take one before or after dinner, and up to two in a 24 hour period, If it is trapped gas or air, this will prove or disprove that diagnosis. Best of Luck FTB4
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