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Pain in lower Abdomin on right side.

Here is the long story:

A couple of years ago I went to the ER because I thought that I may be having a heart attack. Well everything was negative and I saw a quite agressive Cardiologist. Who states that other than a very reversible fatty build up in my circulatory system, every thing with my heart was okay and he states that the pain was I had in my chest was 90% not my heart.
So life goes on after he diagnosed me with High blood pressure at levels that were very high. I refused medication and seeked a second opinion from a General Care Doctor. Who states that I did have High Blood preassure and High Cholestoral. I was given a low does of medicine for both since they were not as high as the Cardiologist had made out.
Now this is where the plot thickens: After 3 months of taking the medication both Zestril and Crestor, I was given blood tests. It was found that only my bilirubin levels were high. The Doc told me to continue the medicine and come back 3 months later for more tests. My bilirubin had rose slightly higher. Then he told me to continue the medication and get an ultrasound of my liver. This came back normal again he told me to continue the medication and report to get a CatScan of my liver. By this time I started to question if the medication was causing the issues and asked the Doc if I could get off the medicine and try to naturally bring my BP and Cholestoral down. He explained "no" becuase the medication was working. I Since then Picked up a very healthier life style, Quick the cholestoral meds and saw another Doctor (my current Doctor). My Cholesteral was only slghtly in the cautionary level and I had gone from one BP pill a day to, one every other day due to light headedness, the Doc reviewed that my BP was very low.
So he was concerned with the Liver Function test, The Ultrasound came back fine, a CatScan of the liver came back fine, and a CatScan of my lower Abdomin came back fine.
I was then refered to a Gastrointerologist who looked over my chart and sayed you have "Greg's Disease" A normal condition where the Liver sompliy produces high levels of Bilirubin. I was given a clean bill of health.
Here is rising Action: I have always been some what of a heavy drinker. My liver was given a clean bill of health in June 2009. Now it's Sept 2009 I noticed Sunday watching football and drinking beer along with eating Junkfood.
The Pain: There is a pain in my upper abdomin that comes and goes It starts from About an inch or inch and 1/2 up in the rib cage not going farther up than the 3rd rib from the bottom, and spreads down about about two inches from the bottom rib and streches back to the Right side but does not follow all the way to the back. And does not strech to the middle of my abdomin. Thinking Boxing - Imagine if some one gave you a left hook to the body about where his fist would connect is where the pain is.
The pain almost feels like heartburn but not up the esaphagas but out the side. Its a mix between and mixing and buring discomfort. Im not buckled over in pain but I can definatley feel the pain. It tends to be more evident while Im eating something. I noticed it while drinking beer and eating chips and Queso (Spicy Cheese dip). Then noticed after breakfast Oatmeal Shake (Lactose/fat free milk, bannana, Olvaltine, Oatmeal), then again after lunch (Progesso Chicken Soup) and again after Dinner (Chicken drum stick, Broccoli, and Favored rice), It is still here today two days later but not as bad. I again noticed it after breakfast (same Shake) After a noon snack (Granny Smith Apple).
When I wake in the morning the pain is gonem but when I start to walk around the pain begins to make its self noticable. but very mild.
The Questions:
1. Should I just see if the pain gradually goes way?
2. Can 3 months of excessive beer Drinking (about a 24 to 40, 12oz cans a week) Completely destroy your liver in three months? (I am a bit of a hypocondriac)
3. If not my liver what else could it be?

Thanks for reading!

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Some blood pressure medications can have an affect on your liver which is why they run bloodwork to begin with.  Have you had a recent liver function test?  What was your AST and ALT?  Did you tell your doctors about your alcohol consumption?  You gallbladder and pancrease can cause the pain you are referring to.  Typically liver pain is not triggered by food.  I would touch base with your doc and tell him everything that is going on.

Take care.
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Yeah I have told them about my alcohol cumsumption which is why they started running all those liver function tests and Sonograms, Ultrasounds, MRI's, etc. Every thing about my liver is completely healthy and normal all levels are fine except for the bilirubin count. Which was passed of as Greg's disease. As of lately my drinkning is completely under control and will remain as such. See I'm no alchoholic I just enjoy having a beer or two the reason the amount is so high is becuase It's cheaper to purchase the 16oz cans than 12oz cans. I usually have two or three a day and of course more on weekends. By I can asure you I have not drank a drop of alcohol since this all came about.

Also its not like pain that brings me to my knees (I have a low tolorence for pain) but it does burn a bit and it seems to be focused at more to my side and not the frint part of my abdomin. I think that I have noticed eating will set it off, like the minute I eat is starts to ache, the pain is getting duller and less frequent but its still there even this morning.
Sounds like what I have been going through. Pain is intermittent, more like burning middle to right chest. My doc advised Prilosec, which is more for long term and can take a few days to resolve the issue. He later mentioned zantac for temporary use. He said it could be esophygeal spasms. Zantac did the trick.. watch out for too much alcohol coffee. Check with your doctor though for his/her recommendations.
Sounds like what I have been going through. Pain is intermittent, more like burning middle to right chest. My doc advised Prilosec, which is more for long term and can take a few days to resolve the issue. He later mentioned zantac for temporary use. He said it could be esophygeal spasms. Zantac did the trick.. watch out for too much alcohol and coffee. See your doc to get his/her recommendations.  
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Sounds very similar to what I have been through.  All my imaging and bloodwork are normal.  After that they ran a HIDA scan, did an upper endoscope and a colonoscopy and still all normal.  This may sound elementary but have you tried prilosec?

Just a note, ceasing alcohol is one of the best ways to lower blood pressure, not sure why but drinking causes the heart to work harder.

I am very glad all your tests are normal, keep in touch with your doc and let us know how things are going.
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Will do I have doctors appt today, how ever the pain has not been here that much today. It seems to at bay right now. I even ate a greasy breakfast to test if the pain was caused by my gallblader and I seemed to be fine. I still have that residule pain I guess. I just dont know what to think about all this. the internet is definatley not your friend in these situations. Acording to the internert. I may have Pancratitis, Kidney disease, Cancer, Yeah thats all scary but my condition has really been stable and not getting worse. I was even thinking about drinking one beer to see if the pain is triggered by alcohol. I guess I will have to discuss this wiht my doctor or at least a doctor in the office. Man and it's time for my cholesterol check also how Frustrating. My sistes a nurse and believes that it might be related to the liver/gallbladder somehow. My moter however thinks that its gas, which she might be right becuase it's almost seems to be spreading to the other side also. Gosh I hope I dont have something wrong wiht my kidneys.
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Well the doctor said to stay away from fatty, Spicy Foods, and if the pain doesnt go away then they are going to do another Ultrasound of the liver. I'm pretty sure its not the liver.because she was pressing on it pretty hard yesterday and I didnt feel any pain or tenderness, but she was pressing pretty hard and that hurt a bit LOL. I've noticed that wth rest the pain gets better might be a muscle spasm or spain possibly. I noticed that the pain was there when I bent over low to get something from under the washroom sink. and when I stood up it seemed to go away. So who knows.
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Same with me, the doctor presses away and it typically doesn't cause me any discomfort whatsoever, the last time he pressed really hard and it hurt just a little, but as you said he was pressing really hard and I think it would have hurt anyone.  He didn't seem concerned.  I think a healthy diet and giving up alcohol would be a good start.  Your doc will probably watch you like mine is doing.  Keep in touch, since our symptoms are so similar I would really like to know where you go with this.  In the meantime we need to be thankful that our labs and imaging our normal and show ourselves the care we deserve.

Take care.
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Have they checked you for Diverticulitis? Some people have problems passing foods through their colon like cole slaw, corn, and nuts. Sometimes this gets stuck in the colon and causes Diverticulitis and can result in an absess. I found out I had an absess about 8 years ago due to Diverticulous which when infected turns to Diverticulitis - I did not know I had any of these my mother has had this all her life. I went to the ER one day because I was having discomfort in my abdomen which when I woke up in the mornings did not bother me till I had a cup of coffee and ate. Not sure if yours might be the same but I would ask my doctor to check for that.

Take care.
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Oh also my ALT and AST are above normal but my doctor said that the Cholestrol medicine can cause those to be abnormal. However, Wednesday I had a well womans examine and the doctor found a lump on the right side of my belly button that was hurt when she was pressing on it so she has me going to have an Ultrasound which I will have Thurs the 24th.

Hope all goes well for you.
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Interesting, not one mention of a biopsy. A liver biopsy is the gold standard for knowing the health status of your liver. Get one.
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Yes, biopsy is the gold standard for diagnosing liver disease.  In my experience with my docs they are very cautious to move in that direction and seem to want to rule out amost everything else before they take that route.  Frustrating at times to say the least.
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