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Pain in right side

I have had intermittant pain in my right side for 25 years, since I was 19.  I had my gall bladder checked out 10 years ago and nothing was found.  I coincidently have drank regulary for the same amount of time since I was 19.  My liver function tests all come back normal, as I have one done every year, however, the last test a year ago showed a little elevated, in the high 40's.  During an ultrasound fatty liver was discovered. I am also overweight.  After the results I started a liver cleansing routine of epsom salt, lemon juice, sesame seeds, wheatgrass and olive oil.  I did pass some of the fat.   I recently have been ill, with a sore throat, ear infection and then after that chest congestion that needed antibiotics, it has lasted over 4 weeks.  So I took Zpac, Azithromycin. After the antibiotic my side began to hurt really bad.  I can feel a lump.  It's a burning feeling. I am feeling the pain at the bottom of my liver. It's swollen and it hurts to touch. Can Cirrhosis happen if some one has normal liver function tests and no hepititis?   I don't feel ill.  What other thing could cause the tenderness in the area. The antibiotics?  Gall Bladder?  Pancreas?   Would Portal hypertension cause pain?  Can my veins be enlarged?     This is the worst pain in the area of all the years I have felt.  Thank you

Thank you
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Sounds like a Gall Bladder Attack ,its Horrible pain, eating triggers it , go to your search Engine and Put it in, also you can get a list of foods that cause it and food that helps it, it will at least give you ideas how to cope.Meds make it worse in fact give yourself a beak form eating , No Milk ,try Water, no soda ease on the coffee, eggs make it worse, Infuse Flax seeds for a tea for the Pain, try the Natuarl route I am and I feel better.
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