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Pain on right side could this be my liver im scared.

hello everybody out there,i'm 28 female,for the past couple months i've been having a on & off not sharp pain but a sorta like pain in my right side,i'm thinking it may be my liver because of drinking,i use to drink every weekend & when i say drink i mean i drank alot,but recently it's slow down a whole lot but new years i've decided to stop drinking at least for a while anyways or maybe forever who knows,but heres my story,i've been having this pain,i went the the er with this pain at first an the doctor as me a bunch of question pressed where my liver was & pressed on my tummy & did alot of blood work including liver function test,he also did a urian sample,etc the normal test the do when you go the er,he also did a cat scan of my upper abdominal,checked liver,gallbladder etc, finally hours later came back with everything was fine i just had a uti.,ok so i went home took my meds then ended up right back at the er with itching all over my body only at night tho i couldnt sleep for itchy once again he did liver fuction test & everything came back fine nobody know what cause the itchying they even switched my antibodic,ok so from then on i waitted to go see my pcp, i told her about my trips to the er an she called over there & go all my records & my catscan an everything an told me that day it showed my liver was ok,and everything else was showing ok,but i still had this pain in my right side where my liver is,so she send me for an ultrasound and i have yet to hear anything back about that ultrasound so im guess everything showed up ok or they would have called by now, im still have this slight pain in my right side i press where my liver is post to be i dont feel nothing i dont even know if it possiable for me to feel my liver im no doctor but here are my symtoms that are going on,

1.rapid heart rate when rising to start,reminder i do have anxitity.
2.faitige i just want to sleep & sleep & sleep but i did just have my tube tied dec 13
3.right side pain
4.light colored stools but there light brown aint that normal?
5.headache but could be due to some of the medications i take.
6. hair falling out been falling out since may nobody knows why either & i read a sick liver could cause your hair to fall out
7. sometime getting dizzy when apound standing
8.legs hurt constantly.
9 skin problems on face dry flaky itcky skin like im sunburnt or something.

ok with all that being i've had tons of different blood work done even liver funtion test,my cbc are fine and all  blood work ive had done is fine they say im pretty healthy they cant find nothing wrong with me. so with all these test showing up normal should i still be worrying i dont know what else to explain or say to help yall get an idea of how to help me plz dont say rush to the doctor ive got a follow up next week.
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If you had liver pain it should be continous rather then on and off. Try to note down when you get theses pains. I would suspect muscle spasms which also causes similar pain or GERD. Gallstones can cause pain at that same area. Did you have your kidneys examined since you had UTI. Rash could be caused by antibiotics. Also ask you doctor to check for Bronchitis (respiratory infection). Since your CT is normal I would not think it is something serious. I am assuming you already got tested for HEP -B and HEP-C. Your ultrasound should rule out gallstones if you have any. I am sure it's not anything serious.
What about IBS?
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nobody else has comment so i get i'll respond to you,the pain is  continous sometime but as im saying its not like pain pain its i can't really explain it,kinda feel like something is poking me but not where my liver it like more to the right of my side,but if it was my liver wouldn't i have symtoms beside just pain i mean i have things happenin to me and i dont know why they are happenin like my hair is falling out and i read thats cause of a sick liver im only 28,but if it was my liver wouldnt something have show up in all this blood work,ive heard a liver funtion test isnt 100% but then again i also heard that if something was wrong with my liver it would be all over the blood work like my cbc would be low an stuff like that  and the rash i have isnt really a rash just dry flaky skin on face,ive had ultrasound done,catscan which they said my liver was ok i mean really i dont know how many liver funtion test ive had done in the past couple months im sure the hospitals think im crazy i do drink but not everyday usaually only weekends and i dont think i drink that much it feels like something is poking me not where my liver is cus when i press where my liver is i dont feel anything this is more like to my right side i go the doctor monday but reallyl dont wanna bring this up again shes going to think im crazy lol any advice would be great
Have you had your thyroid tested? Since you are young they might not have thought about it. Losing hair, fatigue, body pains, depression, It all sounds a bit similar. Hope you feel better soon.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Right upper quadrant pain and white stool could indicate disorders in the liver or gall bladder. If the pain is due to a problem from the liver like hepatitis, you should have associated symptoms like nausea and vomiting. The other causes could be gastritis, peptic ulcer disease and GERD. Disorders of the colon could also cause pain. Kidney disorders too produce colicky and sharp pain. Sometimes anxiety with flatulence can cause this pain. So, don't worry and discuss these options with your doctor.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Bile duct obstruction will cause white stools. Gas production in the intestine can also cause sharp pain in the right upper quadrant. I still think it is muscle spasm. Could this be adult polycystic kidney disease?
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