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Pale stool,nausea, and abdominal pain...I need some help please!

I'm a 25 year old female, mom of 3. With my last pregnancy in January, I was diagnosed with cholestasis of pregnancy via blood tests. They did not look for any potential underlying causes because I was on pregnancy Medicaid.

Since 18 I have had random unexplained abdominal pain "attacks" where I'm doubled over and crying but they seem to occur randomly and infrequently (also just to throw out there I'm always constipated) with no apparent triggers.

Now the last few days I've woken up nauseated in a lot of abdominal pain...sit for an hour or 2 with waves of nausea and eventually go back to bed. During the day I've had intermittent mild nausea and stomach pain. Tonight I passed a pale on the verge of white stool which scared the bejeezus out of me.

The only thing that really pops up is pancreatic cancer and liver disease. So here's my question. How serious do you think this is? How does it present to people with diagnosed liver conditions?

Also I'm aware I need to see a doctor but my husband just lost his job and we have no insurance or money currently. Just need an idea of how serious this situation potentially is. Thank you in advance.
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