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Pancreas or liver pain

ok this is the situation, im now 25 but this situation started when i was 19, ramdomly i would have crazy pain in my upper stomach right at the bottlom of my torasic cage when i would drink alcohol, even in really small quantity.I would barely touch my glass of wine while out eating supper and the pain would start, seem to spread all over in a weird sensation for about 15 min then go away ( the pain never stay for more then 15 min or so), in some occasion i would be abble to wait tuff the pain and finish my glass but most of the time i was not abble to mainly because the pain would of came back.
i figured that sometime drinking a milk mix drink would help so when going out i would only drink alcohol mix with milk, for most of the time it would of do the trick!
But gradualy the episode started to be more often, like each time i would drink any acohol.
for the past year i've been having that pain when drinking only pop!!! Lately a light similar pain while drinking orange juice!!

For many years i decide to just live with it and not really drink acohols ( i was never a big acohol fan anyway) but now with orange juice, this is been disturbing my life and i can't take it anymore!

when i was younger  ( 19-20) i use to drink and get drunk maybe 2-3 times a months ( nothing crazy at all) so is not like i was a big drinker or something

what can this be cause by??? and the doctor give me some pantoprazole, when i google it the symptome of the condition is used for dosen't make sense at all with my symptome....i never had heartburn, i know what there are just because in late pregnancy i did have a few but never when i was not pregnant!
thanks so much
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sorry i fogot to mention im french so my english typing  is well bad lol! sorry !
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very well could be pancreatitis,,,,and since you kept drinking alcohol,,it more like has become chronis,meaning theres damage and it will continue to come and go ,,continueing to damage the organ
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