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Please answer about timing acetomeniphen and liver damage.

No response to my question on the general forum.  I’m 5 days out from exposure I have a concern about.  I took about 2.5 grams a day of acetomeniphen for a week, I did drink during this time as well though I’m not a chronic drinker.  120 hours plus after last dose I have little appetite and an feel dizzy a little.  I feel a little bloated but not exaggerated.  My ALT was 95 and AST 46 at 96 hours.  Basically i have the weak general components of liver failure (mild naseau, loss of appetite and a little dizzy.). I did just come off 10 day course of prednisone for same problem.  What I want to know is at this time would I definately “know” if I was having liver failure?  I’ve read the websites but I can’t tell if Phase three starts at 72-96 or that is phase 3.  Basically could my numbers be starting to rise now or is it late?  Thanks.
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Hi if I were you I would try a clean diet and then get tested again, I agree your numbers are high but I don't think they are high enough for liver failure. Prednisone could add to the high ALT AST
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You may want to look up side effects of predisnone
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