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Sleeping Late night Cause Liver Cancer

I just want to share this information with those who concern about liver health and prevention.  

Until now almost everyone is very dependent on the results of examination of liver function index (GOT, GPT). They think if the examination showed normal results index means all OK. This kind of misunderstanding was also performed by many specialists. Really surprising, doctors are supposed to provide the right knowledge in the general population, turned out to have incorrect knowledge.  

The main causes of liver damage are sleeping too late.  Why?  Every two hours, the body has a scheduled bio routine/remedy:  At night 11 pm to early morning 1 am, the liver detoxification is in charge.  This has to take place during a deep sleep.

For more info, use key words "liver cancer and sleep" on search engine to find shocking medical discovery at National Taiwan Hospital.

Live Well!
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Habitually go to bed too late, like you went to bed at 2 am, if frequently, could have high probability causing liver cancer.   At 11 pm to 1 am, we should be in a sound sleep, so the liver can perform detoxification.  When we are not in a sound sleep, the liver has no chance to repair itself.  For a long period, it will cause damage to liver.

Sleeping so late and waking up too late will disrupt the process of removing unnecessary chemicals.  In the morning 7 - 9 am, stomach is on duty.  We are supposed to feed stomach.  Then at 9-11, spleen is on duty.  It converts the breakfast we ate to blood and energy.  When you miss breakfast and has nothing to convert to blood and energy, for a long time, it will cause pre-matured aging.      This is all because every two hours, the body has a scheduled bio routine/remedy.  

I used to think as long as I got 8 hours of sleep, sleeping late or not, does not matter.  As I read more, I realized the same 8 hours of sleep, at regular time v.s. late night are very different.   Think the bio clock is like four seasons.  A plant needs 6 months to turn into flowers or fruits. Plant it in Spring is not the same as plant it in the Fall even though giving it the same 6 months to grow.  

Please use key words "liver cancer and sleep" on search engine to learn more about sleep and liver health.

Live well!
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Do you mean sleeping too long as in more than the standard 8 hours.... or sleeping too late into the day like I went to bed at 2 am and got up at 10 am?

Everyone has their own internal clocks and your body will adjust- imagine those that work overnight and sleep during the day......

I've read quite often that there are a long list of dangers to sleeping more than 9 or 10 hours a day including heart attack and diabetes with an increase of risk up to 50% more.  It's just crazy to think about what people could be doing to themselves!
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