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Stomach & under rib pain, possible enlarged liver

I am a 45 year old male. I am 6 feet tall and I am 30 pounds over-weight currently. Only GI diagnosis I have is a small hiatal hernia. I have been having pain in my right upper GI area just under my ribs for six months. Sometimes it will go across from right to left. Below that in my stomach it can range from burning to almost sore feeling. I also have  stomach discomfort which seems to be more at night. The stomach pain is more of a burning feeling.

My doc ordered a CT scan of abdomen and pelvis and followed that with ultrasound of the abdomen. The CT scan showed nothing basically. It said my gallbladder was slightly distended but there were no stones or sludge and cbd was not dilated. Also no lesions or masses and all of the organs. They followed the CT with an ultrasound suspecting gallbladder issues. The ultrasound was negative as well. Still no stones or anything. However it did note My liver was “prominent“ and had “normal echogenicity”. All my accompanying lab work was great as well. No abnormalities in the cbc or comp whatsoever across the board. Liver function specifically was well within normal limits = ast 16, alt 12, and alkaline phosphate was 70.

My questions: 1. does a “prominent” liver absolutely mean an enlarged one or could it mean it shows up well visually when looking at the imaging? 2. Wouldn’t they just say enlarged and by how much if it was? 3. Also isn’t the term “normal echogenicity” a good result? 4. With my labs being great and a clean ct as well would you say I don’t need to worry about my liver? 5. Finally what else could cause the discomfort I describe? Thanks so much.
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Im just wondering whether you found out what was going on with you. My pain is very similar to yours and liver fumction is apparently fine. Any help would be of a great help. Thank you.
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