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Terry's Nails and liver disease

OK so I'm really worried about my liver. I've had 2 doctors look at my test results and basically tell me I'm fine. My nails are pale most of the time. Not white but like a pale almost white. Definitely not a healthy pink. They have the dark brown or red  band across all my finger and toe nails. I have no lunulas other than tiny ones on my thumbs. My tests are as follows.
Albumin 4.6
Globulin 2.6
A/G ratio 1.8
Bilirubin .4
Alkaline Phosphatase, S 45
LDH 112
AST 16
ALT 13
All my other tests came up fine. My cholesterol is fine. My iron and ferritin is low.

Why are my nails so pale with red bands at the tips? Do these or my other routine tests show anything like a fatty liver?
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Hinive just come across this post and thought I'd ask for some advice so basically for the last 9 years I've drank everyday last three months I stopped and only drink weekends which my doctor said was fine. Last January 2015 I had a blood test which said I had a vitamin b12 deficiancy then I had another blood test in May which was fine and ultrasound in September which was fine and a blood test in November which was fine and vitamin deficiancy is gone. I keep going back and forth to doctors as I'm convinced something is wrong and think I have spider veins but was told no today I noticed that I have Terry's nails on my tonails and a couple of finger nails I went to see a nurse today she didn't know what it was I mentioned Terry's nails she'd never heard of it she advised waiting a couple of weeks and reassured me my tests would of shown of something was wrong can anyone help please
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Terry's Nails are quite vague and somewhat difficult to quantify, in reality. And there are many things that can cause similar conditions/issues. So I wouldn't worry about whether or not you have them. Your blood work, imaging and symptoms can easily point you into the proper direction - on whether you have advanced liver disease and/or cirrhosis. I think that you are now paying attention, and living healthy - perfect! Nothing more you can do, take care and continue doing your good work.  
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Kum is very knowledgeable and is spot on wrt her message. Also, one of the primary reasons for Terry Nails is Albumin/protien deficiency, which will happen for those with severe liver disease. But your Albumin levels are perfectly normal, and your A/G ratio is very healthy. Kim is right, you have normal but different nails.
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Thanks. I thought my tests looked fine. I had 2 doctors tell me that too. We don't know why I have this progression to what seems to be Terry's nails. I've been watching my nails get worse over the years and can't figure out why. I take a good multi and extra C and magnesium. I try to avoid most bad foods. I don't eat enough vegetables but I try. I guess I must have some Vitamin or mineral deficiency causing my nails to get like this. I know it isn't B12. My B12 is over 2000. I wish I knew the mechanism behind what causes Terry's nails and I could look that up. Lol might find my answer faster. Anyhow thanks for the reassurance on my liver. I love my liver and try to take good care of it. No smoking, drugs and barely drink. I dont eat bread and avoid most grains, avoid most oils except coconut, olive and grassfed butter. Minimal sugar and processed foods. My kidney tests were fine too so I know it isn't anything to do with them.
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Your test results show that your liver is functioning perfectly.  Genetically we all have different variations in the propensity of varying outward degrees.   For example I may have varacose veins (which I don't) which may indicate blood clots down the road.  You on the other hand, may have pale nails with red tips unlike your friends or immediate family.
We are all unique in our special way and no two people are alike.  Instead of worry, embrace your obvious different characteristics without concern.  You do NOT have any issues with your liver.  Please enjoy the good health that you are blessed with.
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