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Ultra scan result

I have been suffering with stomarch pains and bloating for the last 2 years and had lots of visits to the doctors, he has been trying various remedys for IBS.
After a really bad attack which lasted for 2 days I was sent for an ultra soud scan. The result showed  {quote}  a 22 by 20cm {i am guessing that must be a missprint}  echo-bright lesion on the posterier border of the right lobe liver probably a haemangioma.No other abnormality was found.
My doctor thinks that this has no connection to the problems i am having and sent me to a Gastroenterolagist who seems to think the pains are stress and diet related and suggested that I worry to much about illness. He did not have any experience with livers and has suggested that I see a Hepatologist.
I feel rather anxious, I am a 59 year old active femail who has enjoyed good health all my life the only time I have been in hospital was for a hysterectomy aged 41, which I recovered from really quickly.
Up to the last couple of years I rarley visited a doctor. Am I getting the situation out of proportion?
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I don't think your getting this out of proportion,
It's your body and you just want to know the real deal.  I bet the hepatologist won't think your blowing this out of proportion. Go see one ASAP ! One less thing.
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Have you been taking hormone replacement therapies?

A hepatologist is definitely someone you will see who will most likely do an MRI scan to get a clearer picture. Once that is done, if that is not a misprint and it is actually 20-22cm then they should remove it or treat it with steroids to shrink its size.

Hepatic Hemangioma's are benign growths made up of blood vessels so biopsies are often avoided, but blood tests to test for cancer markers can determine if its nasty or not, in most cases they are not and can be shrunk or removed.

Keep on it, and if you are not satisfied, get another opinion and stress to them the impact this thing is having on your quality of life.

Hope it goes well for you :)

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