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Ultrasound result help

Here are full report of my ultrasound.
I am not too worry about the left lobe.
My main concern here is my right liver lobe with 1.3 cm hyphoeoic focal lesion..also my doctor are concern too


Within segment two of the left lobe of the liver, there is echogenic focus seen measuring approximately 1.3 cmin size that may represent hermangioma?. At the hepatic dome in segment 8, there is a hypoechoic focal lesion measuring 1.3 cm in size. This show some peripheral vascular flow. It was difficult to visualize due to its high location and the sonographic appearance is atypical for a cyst.The main portal vein is seen patent
There are several tiny gallbladder polyps seen measuring up to 5mm in size. No definite shadowings tones are identified. No bile duct dilatation is seen. Common bile duct measures 2mm in caliber  both kidneys are within average size and normal echogenicity with no stone or hydronephrosis seen. 1.5 cm cyst with thin septation is noted in the lower pole of the right kidney. Other tiny cotical cysts are seen bialerally. The spleen is not enlarge. No abdominalaortic aneuysm or ascites seen

1. A couple of hepatic focal leasions are noted. The lesion on the left hepatic lobe may represent hermangioma. A hypoechoic focus is seen in the right lobe. Further characterization with MIR or CT SCAN of the liver is recommended
2. Gallbladder polyps measring up to 5mm in size.

Thats was my full report..please give some input..thanks
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