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Weird symptoms - no diagnosis

I have some weird symptoms - and I have been told that I may have an auto immune disease, but nothing is certain.  I have R upper quadrant pain at times and have had laproscopic surgery by my gyn (endometriosis) and the pain was still there when I woke up from anesthesia, then I had my GB out and pain was still there.  It comes and goes and I have weakness in L leg that comes and goes and thyroid swelling that comes and goes. Last week went in for yearly and my liveer enzymes were elevated AST 48 ALT 105 (range 7-60) non-reactive hep panel.  I am currently having RUQ pain thru to my back.  I rarely drink, I probably DON'T eat right, little overweight, but my abdomen looks like I am 7 months pregnant.  I haven't reported the abdomen distension or pain - should I?  Does anyone have anything like this?  Could MS/lupus/hashimoto's cause something like this?  I'd appreciate any comments...
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oops forgot to mention that a CT several years ago said that I had a fatty liver.  I have high cholesterol and take Pravastatin.
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hmm ... u need an abdominal/pelvic ct with contrast media asap ... the thyroid problems can correlate to ovarian problems ... try to see a gyn and have him do a bimanual exam and a transvaginal ultrasound and (if he suspects something) can send u on to a gyn oncologist or endocrinologist ... i think the abd distention and pain may be the key so u should report it
god bless u
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