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ZanaFlex and raise in my Normal liver enzymes

I took ZanaFlex for 4 months and had a rise in my liver enzymes from always being around 15-20 to a AST, 44 and a ALT of 60 after 5 weeks I was retested and my liver enzymes went to AST of 33 and ALT 52 , My Question is how long until I can expect until my liver enzymes return to normal and I don’t drink alcohol and do not have Hepatitis or HIV, my other liver function is all normal should I get a ultrasound?? How much damage did this drug to for 4 months?? I tested myself at baseline and at 4 months ,
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Did you ever get retested and or ultrasound? I had ultrasound and mine was normal and also blood was no inflamed so unsure why mine were like 41 and 58 unsure what to do as I can’t just stop my morphine is the only thing on and havnt drank in 11 months as I just had my second child !
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