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a large heterogeneous mass.....

I am a white male, 45 years of age. I am 6' 2" tall and 195 lbs. .

I am currently being tested for " large heterogeneous mass" on the left lobe of my liver and am waiting for the results of a CT scan. My gastroentologist thinks I may have IBS as well, but we are working on the liver problem first. The lesion was discovered while doing an ultrasound for stomach troubles (including bloating, excess gas, and some stomach dscomfort) and is approximately 10 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm. There is no pain from my liver, only occasional discomfort when I lean forward. Two non-obstructing kidney stones were also found during this ultrasound. I also have a bad tooth(dead)that has not yet been removed due to insurance company refusal to pay, and lack of money to do so. I want to see a dentist next week but am worried about cross/purposes in treatment with this liver problem.

My family has a history of cysts and I have one on my throat and one on my testicle that has been there since I was a boy. My brother has 2 smaller benign cysts on his liver { left untreated} and my sister had a cyst removed from her throat this year that was benign but causing breathing problems

My Doctor(s)ordered blood wrk and the results are as follows.

hemoglobin 144g/l            
hematogrit-- 0.41  l/l

RBC---  4.18  X10E12/L     (normal showed > 4.20)

indicies MCV 98               (normal was 80 to 97)
            MCH 35                (normal was 27-32)
            MCHC 354 g/l

RDW     12.6
WBC      7.0  X 10E9/L
MPV   10.4 fl

differential WBC
neutrophils     3.06 x 10e9/l   ( this was 8.08 on a CBC done the week previously)
lymphocytes   2.45 x 10e9/l
monocytes     0.65 x 10e9/l
eosinophils   0.07 x 10e9/l
basophils      0.07  x 10e9/l

platelets appear adequate
RBC's appear normal

APTT            36  (not sure what the comparison is but these 2 values were listed as inside normal limits)
INR              1.1

Albumin           51     g/l  (normal was <50)
bilirubin total    7     umol/l

ferritin             247    ug/l
sodium    143      mmol/l
potassium   4.2    mmol/l
chloride      108     mmol/l
alkaline phosphate 68 u/l
AST   19    u/l
ALT    32  ul
sTSH 2.04  mu/l

The above tests results generally correspond with the results of a CBC/urine analysis done a week earlier by my family physician.

AFP tumor marker  3      ug/l   (test paper shows normal level as 90  (showed as normal)

Hepatitus A                        positive ( i had a vacination)

Hepatitus B                        negative
Hepatitis  C                        negative
Urate         490 umol/l        ( normal was between 220-440)

Blood pressure was measured every day for 10 days in the morning and averaged 134 over 78 with a heart rate average of 62.
My temerature has been between 35.3 and 37.0 measured multiple times daily over the same time period.  
I have been noticing a "flushing to my face" that is somewhat relieved by a nasal flush with saline and I also notice that I have a low tolerance for warmer temperatures. If I dont strip down after a walk, when indoors,  I feel generally bad with a little nausea. I walk from 1 to 3 k every day , and was able to complete a 8 k walk a week ago with no problems except a little tiredness. I have had a CT scan, but the results are not promised until end next wek at the earliest.

I was hoping I could get an opinion about these tests/ and a possible cancer; and,
what could the lesion be aside from cancer; and,
these seemingly unrelated symptoms that I have been having with over-heating and facial flushing; and,
can I see my dentist without worries, or what should I say to her about my current health?

Thank you for your time, your expertise,  and your patience with my long windedness.

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