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ascites with constipation for 12 days in 60 years old lady

i wanna know what is the possible causes and management of a 60 yr old lady with ascites with constipation for 12 days
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I will first admit that I do not know what ascites is. But I do know that constipation can be caused by many things, especially toxic build up in the colon. I recently suffered from chronic constipation, and was looking everywhere for a cure. Finally, I found a website that offered the number one colon detox program in the world. I ordered it, tried it, and I'm as good as cured. If you'd like to talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have regarding this, go right ahead. But this is considered the number one colon cleansing program in the world, and is very safe. There is a FAQ page on the site that answers the majority of questions regarding the cleanse if you would like to inquire further.

Anyway, I hope you find a cure, whether it be this program or not (although I personally recommend it), and the link is posted below. See ya!

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Get to a doctor. There are to many cause to list.
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