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can some one please help me with the blood test results im kinda scared

so i wanted to know if someone could help me with these blood tests and my doctor wont be in till next week so this is going to be a long weekend if i don't figure this out. Now just a little bit about me im a 19 year old male don't drink alot in fact only drank a couple of times so i cant see how im having liver issues but i uploaded a copy of the lab results what really worries me is that the mitochondrial AB being positive and the actin being above 25, im pretty sure the ebstein means i had mono. ive been googling which i know i shouldn't but the biggest thing that comes up is cirrhosis of the liver. so if anyone has any knowledge of liver tests if you could help that would be awesome.... i also assume if i had cirrhosis that my alt's and ast's would be high but accorfing to the results they are not.... but thanks in advance i hope someone can help me
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Your liver related numbers show no indication at all of any liver disorder. Both your synthesis and excretory functions are completely normal, and your liver enzymes show no active insults as well. So you really have nothing to worry about wrt your liver, and you don't have cirrhosis.

Keep working with your doctor to track down any other problems. We're not doctors so any further speculation isn't useful. Take care,
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I would say you do NOT have cirrhosis. Your numbers are pretty much text book, under healthy liver numbers.   The RDW is marginal and doesnt mean a red flag for anything.  You are 19 and hardly drink, so you can rule out Alcoholic cirrhosis, next could be fatty liver disease, but your numbers dont indicate inflammation, true there could be some fat there but its not causing and issue at the moment.  Auto immune cirrhosis, again your ALT would likely be higher, its at the bottom of the range.   If your really worried the only way to get a true picture of your liver health is a Fibroscan or biopsy, Fibroscan is non invasive and has a coverage of about 100 biopsys.
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