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confused and a little scared.

I recently logged into the website for my health insurance and noticed a little tab that said "my diagnosis" and found a list of everything I've ever been officially diagnosed with,  most things I knew about and we're ranked as low severity,  then I saw where it said medium severity so I looked and it says I have cirrhosis of the liver?  No doctor has ever told me that! I've been told I have a fatty liver and not to worry.  Could this be the same thing? Why would it say medium severity then? I'm young(27) and I drink probably more than I should,  but no doctor has ever told me I need to cut out alcohol or anything like that. Frankly now I'm afraid to ask my doctor. Is it possible that this is an oversight with bcbs? The whole thing kinda has me shaken up,  and I'm too scared to rely on my usual comfort elixir now.  Any words of advice?
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I had a similar thing happen with BCBS mine was pre diabeties. I called them and sent a message through the site. They will let you know where they are getting that diagnosis from and if it was entered in error they will remove it. Could be as simple as a coding error.

Good luck
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Well, it's great you were proactive and checked your health status but the surprise isn't much fun. So just try to relax and make sure to follow up with your doctor asap.

You are too young to be staring at a likely diagnosis of cirrhosis, so it's very likely a simple mistake. It takes years and years of severe liver abuse to get to the end-stage state. Just be sure to check with your doctor and get it squared away.
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