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cyst on liver

my doctor just told me i have a cyst on my liver, i was woundering what is the treatment for that or what might the next step be now?
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Confirm with your GP that this is a simple cyst, if so it will be benign. I have polycystic  liver disease i.e. my liver is completely covered with cyst, some like bubble wrap and a few as big as 6 - 8 cms.,  I have had some of the large one's drained - a completely pain free procedure.  The only problems I have found is when occasionly a cyst bursts or  is bled into, this can be painful  but usually clears up without medical help.
Wouldn't worry about it too much as it sounds un likely you will need any treatment
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What prompted the discovery of this cyst? Were you having pain? The most important thing to remember about liver cyst is that they are usually benign, (non-cancerous). However, other dieases can sometimes look like liver cyst. These conditions need to be ruled out. Your doctor will need to reevaluate your condition,(at sometime) to see if there are any changes in the cyst. If you notice any new symptoms or anything that you feel is unusually, contact your physician.

Be well,

Bob :)
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