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elevated bilirubin, total and direct

I am a 39 year old male who discovered during a recent physical that my total bilirubin is 2.4mg/d and my direct bili is 0.3mg/d.  All other liver enzymes were within normal range, cbc was normal and urinalysis revealed no bilirubin in my urine.
I had my levels checked twice last year after a trip to the gastro due a giardiasis infection that i had acquired during international travel. stool testing also revealed low pancreatic elastase. i was treated for the giardiasis and subsequently tested negative for giardia but the low fecal elastase remained.  An MRI of the pancreas with contrast was performed after that, and was reported as unremarkable.  A CMP from each gastro visit showed bili levels within normal range. First at 0.07mg/d and subsequently 1.2mg/d a few months later. I still have intermittent IBS-D like symptoms including mild bloating and mucous in stool that seems to be somewhat controlled with Florastor.
I take 10mg Lexapro for anxiety, 50mg Vyvanse for ADHD and 0.5mg clonazepam PRN.
Interestingly, about 20 years ago, I acquired a nasty bug about a week after moving into my freshman dormitory.  I suffered from a high fever,  severe diarrhea and appeared jaundiced.  My GP at the time ran all tests, blood and stool and could not find a cause for this infection. He did mention the possibility of Gilbert's syndrome, however I never followed up as I was anxious to return to university to catch up on missed coursework.
I am also fully vaccinated against Hep A and B.
Any thoughts?  I'm just curious of others opinions as I wait to talk this out with my GP.
Thank you!
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