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Im 22 years old, diagnosed with PSC and AH 3.5years ago. My blood works got bad lately, i have constant fever (more than 2 months) and im tired all the time.
Ive had fibroscan done yesterday and liver stiffness results are 47.2KPa. IQR 19.6 and CS 36.3. doctor took 10 measurements and it says 100% success rate. since he isnt my doctor he didnt comment on the results. so i googled and found that anything above 12KPa means liver cirrhosis.. but results are mainly for viral hepatitis so could it be that my results arent valid because i dont have viral hepatitis? or is it possible i have cirrhosis with normal bilirubin and only slightly risen enzymes?
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Welcome, and I share your issues, end-stage PSC, deep fatigue and constant pain from osteodystophy. We have a,very complicated liver disease and fibroscan will not likely be accurate. Our fibrosis is very focal in our portal tracts, and our larger lobular zones are undamaged. This is why we have very good MELD scores until we reach the final phases - our livers are healthy, but our bile ducts aren't. I see the strange looks on my doctors faces when they process the crazy numbers.

You may not have cirrhosis in the normal sense. But if your portal blood flow is comprised, then your liver is damaged. We can have portal hypertension without having cirrhosis due to the portal vein being compressed in our fibrotic portal tracts. Is your spleen enlarged?

I have had many liver biopsies, and it provided great insight as to what is going on. My doctors tell me that I am end-stage, but my bilirubin is normal, ALP is always elevated of course.
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Thank you very much for your answer.
Sorry to hear that you are in end stage psc.
My spleen is larger than normal, and all my blood cell counts are very low. My last biopsy was 1.5 years ago, I believe they will make another one when i get the place in hospital, so theyll see how damaged my liver really is.
How is portal vein hypertension treated? If it even can be treated..
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