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Hi, my mother is practicaly in coma at the hospital, she have a condition in her liver that cannot eliminate ammonia so now she have hepatic encephalopathy... she is with artificial respiration in order to prevent a respiratory failure, she has been thru 2 hemodialysis and the levels whent down but not a lot, she also she have a urine infection that is been treated with antibiotics, she is under lactulose and hepa merz,  but it doesnt seem to work
please helpme what treatment is more efective in this casese, she has been in this state 5 days ago.
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I am sorry to know about your mother’s condition. The first step is to identify and treat any factors that may have caused hepatic encephalopathy. If there is any gastrointestinal bleeding it must be stopped and infections, kidney failure, and electrolyte abnormalities should be treated. Lactulose is given to prevent intestinal bacteria from creating ammonia, and as a laxative to remove blood from the intestines. Neomycin is also used to reduce ammonia production by intestinal bacteria. Prognosis of your mother depends on her vital parameters like pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate etc. It also depends a lot on how well her body organs and systems are functioning. Recovery and the risk of the condition returning vary from patient to patient. Your doctors are trying their best for her recovery. I sincerely hope she gets well soon.
Best luck and regards!
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