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hypodensities of liver

  A CT scan has revealed hypodensities of my liver. What are the cause of this and what are the probable investigations  which would be most helpful to confirm the actual condition of my liver condition.
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From another online post:

This means that the scan picked up small areas of your liver that are different than the rest of the liver which puts up a "red flag" to the doctors. They know they are not simple cysts,therefore they must do further investigations to determine why these areas show up as denser than the surrounding tissue.

Blood tests and possible biopsy (removing a small piece of the dense area) would be ordered. A liver biopsy is done outpatient and takes only a few minutes. Not to worry too much as fatty infiltration or hemangiomas can cause these findings, neither of which are unusual.

And from Askthedoctor: "A hypodense lesion does not enhance on injection of intravenous contrast and may represent a benign lesion, haemangioma, simple hepatic cyst, abscess, lipoma, or a malignant lesion. To reach a diagnosis in your case, it is necessary to discuss the findings of this scan with your physician, and in the context of clinical symptoms, physical examination and liver function tests."
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I am 34 year old student who has five daughter and have been having health issue. I went to the dr and he ordered a  ct scan for me and they found a 0.3 hypodensity in my liver series 3 image 34 along with a0.8 cm diverticulum arising from the gallbladder in series 3 image 23 and I asked what does it mean and the Dr had no good explanation. So I am getting worries that it's serious .
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It is not a denser region.  Hypodense means less denser than surrounding.
"Hypo" means less.
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