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liver surgery

I have a hemangima on my liver that is 7cm. I have been living with it for 5 years. However it is causing me great discomfort and am confused over my options. the location is back right resting against the rib cage. I would like to find an alternative to removing the tumor and 1/3 of my liver. Where do I go to find out if I qualify for laproscopic or other treatments. the surgeons I have seen all say the same thing due to the fact they don't use laproscopic procedures. I am willing to travel.
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if your pain is definitely ascribable to the hemangioma then its indicated to remove it.  where do you live?  i do not believe there are other reasonable treatments short of resection.
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thank you i live in Raleigh. I have been to Duke but it was 4 years ago.
I am looking for an alernative and yes my pain is from the hemangioma. I get a mri or cat scan yearly to watch if its growing .
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