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low sodium blood level


I’m writing in regards to the results of recent blood work I had done. Almost all levels were normal except for sodium, triglycerides, and VLDL; all of which were mildly low. Specifically, the levels were:
Sodium: 133 mmol/L (normal range 134-145)
Triglycerides: 45mg/dl (normal range 50-150)
VLDL: 9 mg/dl (normal range 10-31)
I am concerned mostly about my sodium level. I have read that low sodium level can be caused by a thyroid issue, but my TSH came back at 1.37ulU/ml (normal range 0.40-4.00). I’ve also read that low sodium can be the result of liver disease, but my liver enzymes all came back normal:
AST : 25 u/l (normal range 5/38)
ALT: 22 u/l (normal range 0-55)
ALK PHOS: 68 u/l (normal range 4—150)
Albumin 4.6 g/dl (normal range 3.5-5.5)
T  Bilirubin 1.1 mg/dl (normal range 0.2-1.2)
BUN 10mg/dl (normal range 8-24)
CREATINE 1.1 mg/dl (normal range 0.7-1.3)
Total Protein 7.4 g/dl (normal range 6.1-8.0)
All of these levels are almost exactly the same as they were when I last had blood work done 2 years ago.  (The exception is Albumin, which was 5.2 g/dl in 2009.)
I have two general questions based on my blood work. The primary question I have is is it likely that a low sodium level could be a sign of liver disease when all other liver markers are in normal range? Second, I’ve suspected that I may have celiac disease for some time now. Can a gluten allergy affect sodium levels? I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist in two weeks. Thank you in advance.
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