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pain in upper left stomach

greetings to all,  new development in pain range.  pain is in my upper left side almost directly  under my ribcage.  occasionaly reaching a leve7-8 , i.e. pretty intense.  comes mostly after ieat, but sometimes for no paticular reason. my primary care dr is now sending me to a hemotologists.  with all the blood that's been drawn (i'm a hard stick) what could they possibly not know yet?  we know i have gall stones & that my platlets are low. and let's not forget the 30 yrs of hep c.  dr after dr but no action.  all that's left is a therapist.  i can and will not stop trying to navigate my way through this.  any maps?  thanks for your input.
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Im confounded: if its liver  - thats the right side - and if its gall bladder - maybe a bit more centered - and same for pancreas.  How's your stomach? that critter is shifted to the right of center? anything like an ulcer??? Im trying to think physiologically what else resides over there... and the pain could still be phantom from other stuff, weird things happen along neural pathways and sometimes pain is "felt" somewhere other than where the actual cause resises - i would ask a neurologist about that

As to getting at the root cause and treatment, it sounds like your making progress...

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thanks for your reply  i will continue to navigate.  also having provlems with constipation. last bm 2 days ago.. black i know that means bleeeding somewhere.  i take lactulose 1 oz everynight.  back in december i was hospitalized and needed 7 units of blood before they would release me the day before xmas.  i really  resist hospital stays.  i have a beautiful; anniversary get away  planned (24 yrs)  next weekend.  praying for an improvement, but worried about waiting to long. as always thanks for your time..  a n open ear can be a gteat gift.  cece

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Happy Anniversary!  I pray your health is great for the occasion...or at least with low symptoms.

Hospital anythings are never fun (unless they have a good cafeteria or starbucks like the U-of-U does here ;-)  )

Do you take any laxatives or eat a lot of fiber??/  

hope you are well - or on the road to wellness

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hello,  got some releif.  i feel pretty good.  we keep you updated .  i enjoy the replies and think you are well read on the subject.  sunrise on pawleys island this week-end.  really looking foward to it.  thanks again cece
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Surely pain in upper left abdomen and low platelets = possible spleen pain? Seems logical as if you have an enlarged spleen platelets will be low as the spleen will be pooling the platelets effectively taking them out of circulation.

I also have low platelets and pain there, awaiting results! Hope u enjoyed the break!
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I also have pain under my left rib . The pain is in the same exact spot every time . I have tried to link the poking , sometimes aching pain , but I have not been able to. It seems to happen frequently when I am sitting in a compressed position and when I twist at the waist . Sometimes after I eat and my stomach is overfull . I do have a 3 cm. and 1 cm probable focal liver leison . I am going to get a follow up MRI tommorrow . They will be looking to see if they have grown or changed . Maybe they are growing ?
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I am having pain in the same area.  Been to the ER for it with pain up to 8 and 9.  I was told that I was coming down with a stomach virus, although I never actually came down with a virus.  I was also told that the pain was in my head.  

The pain has been bad enough that my wife found me crying so she took me back to the ER, all they did was give me two shots of morphine and some pain killers to take home.
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