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What fruits and vegetables will regenerate the liver faster?
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All leafy greens: kale, spinach, bok choy etc
Cruciferous vegies: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussell sprouts,
FRUITS: berries especially, frozen is fine. Blueberries, rasberries, blackberries etc.
Garlic, ginger, onions, leeks, radishes.
Drink fresh juices:
Green: kale, green apples, cucumber, ginger, turneric
red: Applesm beetroot, carrots, ginger, turmeric

Smoothies: Frozen or fresh berries, try quinoa or almond or coconut milk with some powdered green stuff like spirulina or chlorophyll. Not too many bananas, mangoes grapes etc.

Lemon and ginger in hot water, sipped.
Green tea is great.

Some people swear by Milkthistle ( I think it's great), but the science is out on it. I'd try it and see if you get benefits. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Also, blackstrap molasses, licorice  root (drunk as tea is good),

Small meals, say about 5 or so, rather than 3 big ones puts much less strain on the liver and the rest of the body.

that should get you started and on the way to a cleaner and happier liver.
Good luck.

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Welcome new member.

"What fruits and vegetables will regenerate the liver faster?"  Sorry I don't understand your question without more information.

Have you been diagnosed and have the Hepatitis C virus (HCV)?.. Are you on treatment or have you successfully got rid of HCV (SVR) or failed to? If any of these apply do you have a medical liver specialist with experience in hepatitis C,cirrhosis and liver disease?      

In my personal non medical opinion fruits and vegetables may help you liver but they will not get rid of HCV. Some may be harmful depending on your specific condition. You really need to get advice from your doctor.

There are some general suggestions at these links and others but only your doctor can advise you of specific ones that might not be good for your specific condition and/or treatment or other concurrent medications being taken.  



Also avoid taking any supplements and herbs without getting doctors approval   Especially any that make claims related to HCV.as they could be harmful besides taking your money.

Best of luck. Maybe other member will offer opinions on specific foods  
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1st and foremost I agree with JimmyMoss. Without knowing why you are asking it is hard to answer your question. You need to check with your doctors.
I all I have to offer is personal experience.
I have completed 48 weeks of Hep C treatment and am SVR after 24 weeks POET. Not only did we destroy the virus but my liver seem to be in better shape than it fas been in a long time.
In the beginning before treatment, because my enzyme levels were so high, I used a detox tea to lower them. This was approved by my PCP. within three months my enzyme were cut in half.  Unfortunately I do not recall the manufactures. Drank a lot of water and quit drinking that was it for any type of supplements.
As far as fruits and smoothies I did start drinking them until I had lost 40 lbs during treatment. They consisted of Atkins, a dietary drink mix with ice cream strawberries blueberries and peanut butter.
Again the question is why are you asking?    
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The liver friendly foods list I compiled above is great for everyone, anytime. This is a general list. People need to take into account their own personal tastes.

Except for the milk thistle, all the foods can be taken at any stage of your life or health.
Milk Thistle is contra-indicated with certain drugs, especially those used in HCV treatment, but I DID summize that the OP is not yet treating, and wishes to give his liver a bit of a helping hand.

You don't have to have HCV to eat these foods. You don't have to have doctors' advice re eating these foods. This is the diet I follow all the time, and I followed it through a year of treatment.

These foods are known to have certain properties that aid in the regeneration of the liver, just as certain foods are best avoided as they toxify the liver.

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Great answers.   I wish I could stick to half of your suggestions.   It's my goal to eat such a health diet.   You clearly know exactly what a healthy diet is.  
Everyone should eat that way.   Its great suggestions for everyone.

Best to you and thanks for the reminder!
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Your are so right, and Milk Thistle was the only one thing on your first list my Dr.'s told me to stay away from. Keep up the good work...
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