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swollen liver, elevated liver enzymes

I went to the er about a month ago with major pain in my right side. I was there for 3 days while they were doing various tests that included blood tests, 2 ct scans, and an mri. The blood tests showed elevated liver enzymes but the scans were normal except a swollen liver. Anyway I was released with no diagnosis. They just said that my enzymes were going down and to make an appt with the GE. I had couple of blood tests since then and finally they are back to normal except that my chloride is high and calcium is low. I was also tested for mono and that was negative. I am still feeling ill though. I am nasuas most of the time but at night is when I get the worst with a headache, nasua, extreme fatigue and itching on my palms, feet, and ankles. I still have pain in my side too. Not as much as when I went to the hospital but never the less its still there. Oh bty I had my gallbladder out last year. What could be wrong with me. My appt with the GE isn't till the 27th and I'm so stressed out.
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