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unstable blood sugar?

my hubby was 1 & half year post liver transplant, my question now is about his bood sugar, we are trying to monitor it , we have the kit and test sugar before and after meal, but there was time that in just a minute sugar rises and and sometimes went very low. is this normal for or the kit have a problem?
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Is he taking prednisone Marso?
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"there was time that in just a minute sugar rises and and sometimes went very low."
Are you saying that you test, get one reading then one minute later test again and get another reading?

"or the kit have a problem? "
What is the name and model? Does your "kit" aka glucose meter, require periodic calibration to:
1. Test strips per container batch?
2. With test fluid?
What are the test results numbers?
Your program for testing glucose should be before a meal and then 2-3 hours after a meal. What is it?
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