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worried about liver

I have pitting edema and a swollen belly. My pams and soles of my feet itch-no rash or anything noticable on them.
I am really worried. My liver seems tender. I do drink on a regular basis between 4 and 7 a night. only ouzo and h2o.
I do not currently have health insurance, but don't want things to get worse! Any ideas on what this could be or how to treat it at home? Or do I need to bite the bullet and see a Dr?
I have stopped drinking, and things don't seem to change.
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Hey, I did have trouble sleeping at the beginning. First, before I was diagnosed, I could never, ever find a comfortable position to sleep in because everything was just too much pressure everywhere. Then, when I was first diagnosed, I totally had insomnia for about a month or two. I was told it was common and it would pass and, of course, it finally did. I remember them checking my glands in my throat and I do not believe they were swollen. Maybe compared to my belly, everything looked small. ;-)

Do you have symptoms of something? Otherwise, I bet you can fix up your diet before anything becomes serious!

Take care,
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Thanks, and you didn't scare me, I already pretty much knew what was going on.
I am in NY and am 45. Insurance is quite un-affordable at the moment, they want over 800 a month, and with the cost of living here, well, it's either insurance or rent! lol
Your right, I am pretty uncomfortable, muscle aches and general soreness.
I think I will go and talk with a local hepatologist and see if I can make monthly payments for treatment..worth a try right? WOW chirrosis at 34, I just really thought it was something that couldn't happen until people got much older..
do have one question, did you have swollen glands in your throat, and trouble sleeping..both seem to be new for me..thanks so much for your response!
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I have been right where you are. What you are describing sounds like liver disease. Here is what you need to do: If you can, get health insurance asap. Once you get the effective date, go the ER and be prepared to be there for a few days. The key is getting diagnosed with this once you have the insurance, not before, or you will be in for a huge bill and insurance will be likely to give you the pre-existing condition bologne if not deny you totally.

You cannot treat this at home. You will need lots of tests, scans and a biopsy to determine the extent of the damage in your liver.  You will get diuretics for the water retention in your belly and the edema in your feet and will be put on a low-sodium, low fluid diet.

Did you get all that?? ;-)

The itchiness is due to high bilirubin levels.

How old are you and in what part of the country are?

Hopefully, it's not as serious as it could be, but I think you will need to go the doctor pretty quick like. Most general practioners aren't all that familiar with liver disease, so you may want to go directly to a hepatologist (liver specialist).

I'm just saying it *will* cost a bunch of money, but, if you go to the hospital, they can't refuse you treatment anyway, so your call.

Now that I've scared half to death, things will get better! None of the tests or procedures are 'surgical' or anything and, although you don't say your in pain, I'd be willing to bet that you're not exactly comfortable. Again, this will all get better!

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis at age 34, last Jan. 2008, and I'm doing just fabulous now. So, if you have any questions for me, let 'em fly. I'd be happy to share anything I can.

Take care!
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